With music to success

"Jugend dirgiert" is the brainchild of music educator Dr. Alexander Saier, who foundet the Hauptstadt-Sinfonieorchester Berlin for this project.

With a specially developed curriculum, young and old are to be inspired by the art of conducting. No matter what musical background or experience, anyone can learn to conduct!

We offer seminars in choral and orchestral conducting for children, teenagers and parents, as well as coaching, online tutorials and e-books in the area of personal devlopment, whereby we train psychology, pedagogy and didactics.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of music,

"The sum of our lives are the hours when we love," said the poet Wilhelm Busch almost 200 years ago... However, to be able to love requires, above all, self-respect. This is often forgotten, especially by young people. Self-esteem or self-awareness in turn arises from the recognition that is given to you by many people... This self-respect can be practiced, especially if you get the eye opened to the fact that ÔÇťyouÔÇŁ are good enough - and make a difference.
This is exactly what the exercises of "Jugend Dirigiert" focus on first and foremost! The orchestra is precisely that assembly of many people that gives feedback and shows whether you are on the right track. We show children and young people the way to find themselves through the laws of music in a playful and musical way.
This is just as important as thunderous applause. When a child, a young person, has found a way to himself, this is reflected not only in the conducting posture (see video) but in a comprehensive authentically confident performance. This is the basis for
every success; something we all need. Especially tomorrow - in the generation that will eventually "carry" us.... Be a part of it! Become our partner! If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Dr. Alexander Saier

& the team of JUGEND DIRIGIERT