How it came about...

As early as the 1960s, a young American conductor created a program which allowed young people to actively participate in the musical activities of one of the world’s renowned orchestras. These programs are outstanding examples of the unconventional and profoundly influential musical education of a young lay audience. Dr. Alexander Saier's “Jugend Dirigiert" project consistently expands on this novel approach. Children and young people are introduced to classical music and orchestral activities and experience their effectiveness as conductors of a professional orchestra. What began in 2013 as an initiative of the dedicated music educator is now a small fine institution of the Berlin music scene with great success and high ambitions.

2013 - First experience in a self-experiment

with different conducting exercises in grade seven music classes by Dr. Alexander Saier at Freie Schule Anne-Sophie in Berlin-Zehlendorf. 2014 - In the Right Direction Establishment of the first permanent conducting class under Prof. Gernot Schulz. Establishment of the second permanent conducting class under Dr. Alexander Saier. Founding of a non-profit support association for the Hauptstadt-Sinfonieorchester (at that time still under name "Junge Philharmonie Berlin”).

2015 - Gaining momentum
First talks with the Karajan Academy and the Berlin Philharmonic. Installation of the third permanent conducting class, reorganisation of the Junge Philharmonie (today: www.Hauptstadt-Sinfonieorchester.com) from a project orchestra to a symphony orchestra by Dr. Alexander Saier. First rehearsals of the "new" Junge Philharmonie Berlin. On November 1, 2015, the first big concert in which the children were allowed to conduct themselves was performed in Berlin Zehlendorf in front of a full house. The premiere was a great success and the young conductors were happy to have mastered this performance with bravura.

2016 - Many concerts fill the year

Second concert of the Junge Philharmonie with Musashi Baba at the Embassy of Azerbaijan. Third concert of the Junge Philharmonie conducted by the five best conducting students of all classes for the World Children's Day in the Berlin Konzerthaus. Fourth concert of the Junge Philharmonie under the direction of the 12 young conductors in cooperation with the Johanneskirche Schlachtensee.

2017 - In big steps

…Jugend Dirigiert and the Junge Philharmonie go ahead and give five great concerts. The non-profit association "Berliner helfen e.V." and Prodesign Marketing GmbH step into action as benevolent supporters of the extraordinary idea. Jugend Dirigiert becomes known to a larger audience and conquers more stages.

2018 - Far-reaching plans...

...characterise the start into the new year. New concert dates were been set and further conducting courses throughout Berlin were planned. The search for further sponsors was urgently intensified in 2018.

2019 - Making the big time!

We played our biggest concert to date: in the Berlin Philharmonic Hall with members of the Berlin Philharmonic as guest musicians in the orchestra. The “Junge Philharmonie" becomes the "Hauptstadt-Sinfonieorchester".

2020 - The Corona-Pandemic

Due to the worldwide health crisis, the makers of Jugend Dirigiert are also forced to put group lessons and concerts on hold. Great sadness among the kids. We knew it was only a matter of time before things would get back to relative normal though…

2021 - smaller concerts awaken from Corona deep sleep

A brief flickering of hope that the Corona crisis will soon be over. But the disappointment in the fall. Many planned concerts were canceled. Only small hygienic projects with the students and the musicians take place.

2022 - hello again
We work! More informations coming soon...